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Being present.

It’s interesting to think about the effect that the internet and social media are having on our lives. Are they making us more connected with other people or less so?

Now more than ever, it’s possible for us to be very aware of world needs.

Now more than ever, it’s possible for us to stay in touch with friends and family miles away from us.

Now more than ever, it’s possible for us to discover “everything” about a tourist destination before even setting foot there.

Now more than ever, it’s possible for us to learn just about any skill or trade if we know where to look.

But what’s the cost of it all? Maybe for the sake of information density we’ve sacrificed other things in our lives. Maybe we’ve allowed status updates to replace the human connection. Maybe we’ve become selectively detached from one another.

Technology is neither good nor evil; it’s a tool, an advantage that can be used for either. It will continue to change as we move forward, and it should. The question is – what will we choose to do with the power it buys us?

Whose movie will you watch?

When you hear about a new movie, how do you decide whether or not it’s worth your attention? Probably based on who’s in it. Easy enough.

But how do you decide that say, Christian Bale, is someone whose movies you want to see? Probably based on what you’ve seen him do before. Probably not based on whether or not he won an Oscar last year.

If anything, Christian Bale winning an Oscar only serves to validate your opinion that he’s a good actor; it doesn’t really establish that for you. If he didn’t act for a year and thus didn’t win any Oscars, the next time he’s in a movie, you’d probably still want to see it. Because it’s not about the award; it’s about the trust he’s built with you.

When trying to break into a world we’re unfamiliar with, sometimes we aim for the superstars, the ones who’ve won awards and have been featured in major industry media. But even if we can get them on our side, are they really the ones everyone cares about?

What if an industry superstar is like an Oscar winner? He certainly deserves the award, but if he only have two fans, all the award has done is validate the faith those two fans had in him. People who didn’t know him before still don’t know him.

What if the real authorities of the world we want to reach aren’t that famous? What if we can’t Google the tribe leaders? What if instead, we look for the people with loyal followers, even if it’s fewer than a thousand?

What if, at its core, marketing is about joining a conversation, not starting it?

Thanksgiving – American or Christian?

Which is it? How do we definitively say?

If we look at who does celebrate it, we may get confused. Different cultures, different religions, etc.

But if we look at who doesn’t celebrate it, we start to get somewhere. Thanksgiving (on the last Thursday of November) is an American holiday, because people who aren’t American don’t celebrate it. Confirmed by Americans outside America also celebrating Thanksgiving.

You’re seeking your niche. You’re looking for people who are interested in what you have to say and who you can engage with in real conversation. But maybe this approach hasn’t gotten you too far.

What if you think about instead the people who aren’t celebrating you? What if your tribe is better defined by who isn’t paying attention than by who is?