almost missed

Would’ve been pretty bad to screw up this journal habit on only the second day. Especially considering I haven’t followed through on all of the tasks I’ve been assigned.

The stuff I’m working on at work is pretty confusing. I’ve asked many people for help with it, but it seems no one who’s still there really has done it before or can really provide much assistance, so I’ve kind of been reinventing the wheel. My cube still has a lot of boxes of old files in it, because I need them to look at information from prior years. Still have trouble getting in there.

Finally took care of two items of personal business today that I’d been putting off for some time. Mailed materials to Health Advocate to get their help with an insurance claim, and talked to Becker about my software failing. Also got my NTS the other day for REG, so I can schedule that soon. I’d originally planned on taking it in July, but I might defer to August… or at least late July. That would mean I’d be taking BEC in October most likely. Or try to cram it in a month or so and take it late August. At least BEC should be pretty straightforward. REG’s kind of annoying.

I’m going to start eating healthier. More protein, more small meals rather than three big ones, more fruits & veggies, and much less processed food. I’ll probably have to pass on birthday goodies most of the time. And if I’m in the office for my birthday, in addition to the customary bagels I’ll bring in fruit or something. Though my breakfast of choice would be eggs, I think it’d be weird to bring in eggs for one’s birthday.

Tomorrow morning’s loaded with training. At least I won’t have to look at reconciliations till after lunch. And then Rutgers alumni event. And then rush home to cook kaldereta for Friday’s international food day. Big day. Time to rest.


let’s try this

I’m trying to follow this thing on a website I subscribe to on Google Reader called 30 Days to a Better Man, and one of the days’ tasks is to start a journal and write in it every day. I’ve written here before, but you could hardly even call it occasional. From now on, I’m gonna try to write every day, even if it’s just one line (which if you’ve read any kind of blog or e-mail I’ve ever written, is kind of unlikely).

For the record (and those who don’t know), I’m currently working in the Accounting Department at Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. I’m in a rotation program wherein I spend a few months in a couple different sections of said department, and after a year, I can choose from the open positions. I’ve finished college, both undergrad and masters (MBA from Rutgers Newark), and my life is mostly work and studying for the CPA.

Currently living at home, which is still pretty good. It’s nice not having to pay for a lot of stuff that I’d have to pay for if I moved out. Still, I sometimes think it might be nice to try to make it on my own.

My situation is pretty sweet, but let me tell you, I really do not like the CPA. It’s one of the most annoying exams out there, and it’s on some of the most boring subject matter known to man. Sometimes I forget why I’m doing it, but I’ve passed two out of four parts, so I figure might as well, n’est-ce pas? Can’t wait till this junk is over. Maybe I’ll enjoy life a little more then.

Oh, and my mom won’t stop bothering me about studying. It’s like I’m still in high school. I love my mom, but I wish she would give it a rest. I’m two and two, and it ain’t because of her nagging. It’s because God’s looking out for me. Yes, I’m attributing it to God. Why? Cause I can’t study for beans. I’m easily distracted, and I usually welcome distractions. There’s no way I could’ve done half as well as I have if God wasn’t involved.

Other than CPA, life ain’t bad. I run before work every day, and lift most days after work. I don’t run or lift enough to spit out stats without embarassing myself, though, so I’ll leave it at that. I’d like to get into some more natural types of exercise, though, such as what’s known as MovNat (Movement Naturelle), which was recently featured in Men’s Health.

a day in the life

My blog posts are always so long, so I’m gonna try to change that now. I’ll also try to be a little more grown-up. I guess.

Throughout this program, we’ve had free food a bunch of times. Now the new class’s turn has come, but some of us in class have decided that we haven’t yet had enough.

It started one charming day during accounting class, when my friend (who shall remain anonymous) alerted me to the presence of recruitment leftovers in the Esterly Lounge. I was there in no time, and I believe that began our tradition.

Since then, we’ve been taking breaks during class to scope out the lounge when they have recruitment lunches, and swoop in once they leave. Matter of fact, Michele, the AA who handles most of the logistics of these events, has come to expect us to stop by, and is amused when we do.

Today they had a relatively (compared to our pizza & sandwich events) extravagant goodbye party in the lounge, and wow did they have the goods. I saw San Pellegrino, skewers, bunch of desserts… too bad it was all gone by the time we got a chance to give the leftovers a review.

Totally ethical, but admittedly, not very dignified. It’s a different story if you happen to be there and people leave food. We run entire operations, complete with reconnaissance and leaving in a staggered fashion to deter suspicion. But hey, it’s food and it’s free (and free food happens to be my favorite food). Dignity is overrated.

Long time no post

Wow, it’s been a while since I did a real post on either here or xanga. My xanga seems to be more of an advertising one now hahaha, for TASA events.

In any case, classes are going pretty well, exams are over until finals for me, I think. I still have a couple of things to do, though, like micro problem sets, metrics eviews assignments, and the like.

No Friday classes is really great, but I tend not to get much done on Fridays at all. It really stinks. I don’t know where the time goes, but it just leaves. Ah well, hopefully I can get a satisfactory amount done today and get to go to soccer/frisbee, which I haven’t been to in probably three weeks now.

All right, not much of a post, but yeah, I should probably get some work done. Hopefully I will post again with better stuff soon. PEACE.

Google Talk

Very quickly, I have just downloaded Google Talk, recommended to me by my good friend Ethan. I’m not sure how well it works yet, but it looks to be user-friendly, and while simple, useful. Supposedly it is a more open version of instant messaging and voice (kinda like Skype).

After testing it, it seems even better quality than Skype. But that will come under further inspection. In any case, it’s a pretty interesting program and fun to use, so anybody with a Gmail account should go ahead and download it! (

All right, that’s all for now. I need to get some stuff done.

Let’s see how this works

Thus begins my first post on Blogspot. Never tried it before, and I heard Google was taking it over, so I figured anything that Google handles can’t be half bad. As such, here goes. Don’t worry, though, all you Xanga addicts, this is still testing mode. Besides, there aren’t enough skins to be used with Blogspot yet hehehe.

I’ve gotta say, though, it looks like I can upload images to my heart’s content here, unlike Xanga, which keeps bugging me to upgrade.

So, less than a week left before move-in. I can hardly believe that this summer is already over. It’s kind of cliche, but it’s gone by pretty fast. But at the same time a lot of things that have happened this summer seem so far away, like my trip to China, seems like it was a year ago. And the wedding, only a month or two ago, but seems like a lifetime ago. And my aunt & grandma, they’ve been here for a month and change, but it definitely seems a lot longer.

However, this brings me to think about things like, what have I accomplished over this summer? Most of you probably know that I’ve been pretty busy with my dad’s business, etc., but I mean, that could only take up so much time. Some of you may know that as far as my walk with Christ, it’s lost some of its steadfastness without the aid of the accountability that CCF provided. So what really have I accomplished besides doing some things for my dad and making some money? (maybe not just some, but I mean, money’s still just money) Really, thinking over it, I haven’t gotten so much done this summer although I wanted to do a bunch of things.

So what’s been missing? I would venture to say that it’s probably discipline that’s been lacking. I had plans to run and all, but I haven’t been doing so regularly unlike some people I know even despite the hot weather. Hopefully returning to school will give me some discipline, because with all the things I’ll be doing, I’m going to need it.

OK, now I’m just rambling. So I will end my first post here by saying that I am quite excited to go back to school and see all these people I’ve missed so, as well as get back into CCF, TASA, and yes, studying for class. I pray that this year I will be able to really make an impact on others wherever I go. Anybody who’s reading this, please include me in your prayers as well. I really need discipline, and only God has it in enough abundance for my purposes. I certainly don’t have it in myself, as seen from this relatively fruitless summer.

So have fun moving in/starting classes, everybody! Enjoy what remains of your summer and make the most of it!