Why talk small?

I was at my friend’s apartment last night, and we were sitting on a couch together when I asked him a pretty pointed question about his girlfriend and where he saw things going with her. He answered, but then asked where that question came from. My answer surprised me too – “Well, I think we’ve run out of small talk, so I figured why not just jump into something meaningful?”

While it wasn’t a normal topic to delve into so matter-of-factly, the conversation was good, meaningful and not strange. We’ve had serious talks before. The only difference this time was that instead of stumbling upon it by accident, I intentionally started a valuable conversation. I’m glad I did.

Small talk is our default mode when we don’t think we have anything to say, or have something but don’t feel comfortable saying it. Intentionally flipping the switch takes courage and can be risky, but if it falls on receptive ears, the result can be priceless.

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