What branding isn’t.

If you’re promoting your own brand, here are some things you need to stop paying so much heed to:

  • Your brand name – people care much more about who the brand is than what it calls itself. It doesn’t matter how catchy or unique the name is. It does matter how authentic and human the people are.
  • Your online presence – same as above. If people love you, it’s not because you have an amazing website, Facebook page or Twitter account. And if they don’t, these won’t be enough to change that.
  • Your “uniqueness” – the idea of being unique in business is overrated. It can help, but only if your uniqueness is valuable. Being unique for the sake of being unique is useless. Being unique by being your best self is getting somewhere. If you’re significant enough, people will find you regardless of how unique you are.
  • Putting your name on everything – whether it’s product or service level names, e-mail signatures or anything/anyone you’re associated with, having your name present isn’t really that important. In fact, sometimes, having your name absent speaks louder.
  • The “right message” – as great as it is to have clear and compelling copy, beautiful design and interactive multimedia, your best customers prefer to work with a human being. You can hire people to create the most amazing message in the world, but none of that matters if the message that’s said doesn’t line up with the message that’s received.

Be yourself. Be awesome. That’s what will drive more business. When it comes down to it, no one really cares about how unique your company’s branding is, how nice the logo is or how descriptive your business card is.

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