Focus where it counts

We usually prefer to blame others for our shortcomings than take responsibility. Those “others” can be people close to us (I’m suffocated at work) or not (the government is holding me down). “Others” can also be circumstances – the economy sucks and nobody’s hiring; I don’t know the right people; I went to the wrong school…

There are basically two main arenas we can focus on in life – what we can’t control (the macro-economy; where we come from), and what we can (our skill set; where we choose to be).

When I focus on the stuff I can’t control, the result is a mix of depression, frustration and to an extent, entitlement. I get upset that I don’t have what I want and get in my head that I’m owed those things. Only problem, I’m the only one were of that debt, because I made it up.

But when I focus on what I can control, it can be scary, but it can be life-changing. It’s scary because it means I have to admit that I’ve been the cause of most of my problems. But once I admit that, I start getting myself out of the mess instead of complaining how dirty it is.

Where’s your focus? I can’t promise you life change if you focus on what you can control, but I can promise you no change if you focus on what you can’t.

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