What are you chasing?

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon when it comes to business. It’s been documented in research, I see other evidences of it, and I find myself agreeing.

Businesses with great results aren’t chasing profits.

Jim Collins goes over this in Good to Great (really good book – review to come), I see it in many of my favorite companies, and on a personal level, I more easily trust someone I know isn’t just after the sale.

Ironically, those who chase money don’t end up with much of it. Those who don’t, do. I won’t go into examples; you can read the book for that. But I think this is more than an interesting business phenomenon.

Matthew 6:33 says to first seek God’s kingdom; then all the other things will be added. We can say that in church and ponder it over, but are we really living it?

What are we planning in our futures? What are our long-term goals? What are our short-term goals? What are we spending our time on, and who are we spending our time with? What skills are we working on?

And to follow up on all of those questions – why?

According to the research done by Jim Collins and his team, it didn’t matter what a company’s values were. As long as it had values and stuck to them, it was able to achieve sustained great results.

In the same way, we see people rise to fame and notoriety based on different values or reasons for being. When a person gives him/herself to something bigger, a legacy is left. Sometimes good, sometimes not, but nonetheless, a legacy remains.

And we see this principle that Collins found in other areas of life. When we chase the higher thing, we often get more than we were after. When we pursue God, we become like Him, and we can receive honor as a result. When we build God’s kingdom, our own lives are enriched. When we honor God with our money and give Him the full tithe, He blesses us financially.

So where are you focusing your efforts? What are you working toward? Is it something that will last?

And most importantly, what’s your why?

Figure that out, and there it is – your brand.

Having trouble figuring it out? Let’s talk. Reply in the comments.

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