Reaching our audience

I was with a ministry group last night, and one of the takeaways was that when speaking to a young audience, there’s an inclination to want to use their lingo to better reach them, but that doesn’t usually work.

I’ve seen this done with college students in the audience (more than I’d like to have seen, really – I’ve blogged about this before), and that it turns me off to hear it. I’d much rather hear words from a person’s heart, words that ring true in his/her life. I’d much rather the speaker be him/herself.

Generally, the people who will be reading this are mediapreneurs at some stage in the game. Whether you have five followers (and half of them are your mom) or five thousand, here’s some food for thought – where do we draw the line between producing for our audience and producing from our core?

And, what happens when we go too far either way?

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