Review – 31 Days to Mojo

OK, I’ll be honest. I haven’t really been following Bryan Allain all that long. I found out about him through Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like fame and started following his blog shortly before or after I found out he was to be a speaker at the Quitter Conference.

That said, though, Allain definitely has a great voice of his own in both his blog and this book. He’s funny, but gets right to the point. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but is serious about blogging and making it more than a rant board or an online version of a high school diary. In 31 Days to Mojo, Allain takes the reader through a month of little doable actions that together can kickstart the process of blog transformation.

In his satiric yet warm tone, Allain engages his readers in the process of turning their blogs into vehicles with which to start and participate in online conversations about their passions. As a blogger of over ten years, he offers great advice for those starting out in an easy-to-follow step-by-step format. While some might rest on laurels, Allain instead leverages his experience to help his audience develop their own.

With a great mix of humor and practical advice, 31 Days to Mojo is a great resource for bloggers at any stage of the game. I’m going through it myself, and it’s been some pretty great advice so far.

Find Bryan’s book in PDF format here, or the Kindle version on Amazon!

Want more? Follow Bryan on Twitter @BryanAllain, and find him on the web at!

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