Different kind of homesick

When we miss being at the home we know, we call it being homesick. But what about missing a home that’s not quite home yet?

In a sense, all Christians experience this to an extent. Bible tells us that our home is in Heaven, so there are many times when we’ll look at the world we see and long for the world to come. But that’s not quite where I’m at now.

I just came back from a missions trip to Thailand knowing God would speak to me there, and while I expected a change when I came back, it’s been more significant than I’d expected. Being back “home,” I’m feeling homesick… for Thailand. Which has never been my home. But that’s the best way to describe it.

I’ve told some people already, and I’ve mentioned it a few times in 140 or less, so I might as well say it here – I intend to go back next summer as a missionary. Never thought this is something I’d want to do, but here I stand.

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