Move the ladder

We’re painting our garage. Not completely on board with it (I feel it’s a little pointless), but I’m helping out with it regardless. Often, being in a family involves doing things we’d rather not do.

I was painting some of the corners of the ceiling with a paintbrush, so I needed to use a ladder and move it periodically to get to different parts of the ceiling. I noticed that it didn’t feel like I was moving it very far, but when I climbed up to the top, that little movement made a big difference.

Let’s bring that to life. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the situations we don’t like in our lives will never go away and that we’ll always be disappointed with where we are. Primarily I see this in the area of employment – a lot of people have just resigned themselves to hating their jobs but staying there, thinking “that’s just the way it is.” I refuse to believe that, though. I absolutely refuse. And I think God is with me on it.

Moving the ladder just a little bit made a big change in what I was able to do when I climbed up. I believe this can work in real life too. Just by tweaking one little thing, I can make some big life changes.

This time last year, I maybe wasn’t clinically depressed, but I did feel trapped as far as my career and my future. But in December, I started on a Bible reading plan from and started writing notes about verses that spoke to me. A lot of the verses spoke to me right where I was, and they helped me focus more on God.

But in general, it wasn’t like God gave me clear answers to the situations I was facing through the Bible. I didn’t really experience anything like that. But even though I can’t pinpoint any exact matches between reading the Bible and my life and outlook improving, I can see that they have.

I don’t see causation, but I see correlation. And I’m finding that correlation is enough.

Maybe I can’t tell you a Scripture that spoke to me on any given day. But after having thought through some of the Old Testament and getting into the characters being described, I can start to help people by relating their issues to examples from the Bible.

Maybe I can’t show you how reading the Bible showed me wisdom in a specific situation. But I can tell you that ever since starting this plan, my paradigm has completely shifted.

What small change can you make today? What kind of effect could that have on your life?

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