Procrastinating while fasting

Someone once told me that if you’re going to fast, you have to pray. Otherwise, you’re not fasting; you’re just not eating.

I agree with this idea. However, oftentimes when fasting I forget that I agree, and I find myself doing a lot of the not eating and not a whole lot of the fasting… until I’m about to break my fast. Then it’s a mad dash to make sure I’ve prayed enough for the thing I was fasting about, plus a bunch of random prayers for anything that manages to pop into my head in those final seconds.
So I’ve fasted for the day, prayed multiple times throughout the day, felt real chill with God and stuff, even though half the prayers went a little like, “I’m hungry. That bacon-encrusted donut looks even more awesome than usual, but I’m gonna resist it for You, God! For YOU!” Then, looking at the breakfast meal, the typical minute-to-win-it pre-meal prayer becomes a ten-minute, stream of consciousness, should-have-been-doing-this-all-day intercession. And usually, I’ll raise the food to my mouth, then think, “Hold up, forgot a few more things. Better pray it up now, cause everyone knows prayer is more effective on an empty stomach.”
Anyone else experience this? Anyone else cram while fasting?
Also, what constitutes appropriate break-fast food? Aside from health concerns, I mean. A big fat rib-eye steak from Outback right after three days of starvation (ahem, fasting) is pretty obviously a bad idea.
But in terms of the type of food, what’s appropriate? Somehow I feel like ending a fast by breaking open a bag of Dorito’s is not okay. Can you imagine Jesus coming back from his 40 days in the wilderness and popping open a can of Pringles? Now that I think of it, I wonder what he ate to break his fast. I’m not sure it’s chronicled in the New Testament. Having a model would make choosing break-fast food much easier…
So, I’ll take it upon myself to list the best and worst foods for breaking a fast! Stay tuned! Or don’t. Razzle dazzle!
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