great weekend

I visited my cousin Katrina, her husband Paul, and their cute daughter Anna this weekend in State College, PA. Also met up with an old friend from back in the day Fords who’s now getting her PhD. at Penn State. Overall a really fun time.

I drove over with two others – one a friend from college with whom I’d planned this trip weeks before, and one an acquaintance from work who asked if she could join us the night before. We set out rather late, and stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel.

Our waitress was very nice… maybe too nice. She came to check on us relatively early on; so early, in fact, that we only had water at the time. So because she stopped at our table looking like she was gonna say something, she had to say something, but since we had only water, that’s all she could ask about, so she asked us how our water was. And unfortunately, that made the rest of the night’s interactions with her sort of awkward. I tipped her pretty well, though. A for effort!

My niece Anna is so cute, and so smart! At one point, we were at a park, and her parents got on a balance beam and were trying to push each other off. I was carrying her, and before long she started crying hard. She’s only just turned one, but she understands what’s going on. I think that’s just amazing.

Good times. Great weekend. Tomorrow I start my new full-time position at work. Well, actually I’ll be in training. But my salary will be bigger 🙂

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