that was short-lived

I did that few-things-a-day thing for two days and then fell off the grid with it. I’m determined to make this stick, though, so I’ll start again. Today, pay credit cards and file stuff away (again). Rest of my time will/should probably be filled up with studying.

Went to see a friend this week who installed my bindings onto my snowboard, and saw his daughter again… last time I saw her was probably Christmas, and she was just starting to crawl. Now she walks (correction – runs), and talks. Amazing how fast kids grow up.

Next weekend I’m visiting my cousin in Pennsylvania, gonna see her daughter again. Can’t wait. Also gonna get to see an old friend from Fords back in the day.

I hope to finish studying for this (hopefully) last part of the CPA by the end of the month (ambitious, I know), so I can take the exam perhaps toward the end of October.

I also have to really get working on planning my trip to the Philippines. Figure out where I want to go and when. That has to get taken care of real soon.

Pastor Lloyd’s message this week was great as always, but something he mentioned toward the end of his message kinda hit me. Sometimes he’ll talk about the influence that we, the body and the laypeople, can have on people, because we so often to an extent “delegate” the “task” of reaching souls for the gospel to pastors and other Christian leaders. This week, he talked about taking someone under your wing, befriending them and getting to know them, all the while leading them gradually towards Jesus.

For a while now, I’ve been wondering why God has me where I am right now. But recently, I had the opportunity to share a bit about the Gospel with a friend at work. Since then there have been a few times that we’ve spent some time together one-on-one, and I’ve started to see that maybe God wants to use me to reach out to this friend. This message was the most recent of the signals that I’ve been getting. I guess I kinda knew that God had orchestrated me to get this job in particular for a reason, but didn’t really see what the reason was. I’m starting to see now that until I finish what God wants me to do in this office, I’m not going anywhere.

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