to-do today

Yesterday’s tasks went well. My desk is a good deal cleaner than it was, and my shoes look pretty good. Only thing is my left shoe must’ve hit something at some point, because there’s a small mark on it. Nothing I can’t fix in a few minutes, though.

Today’s tasks:
  • Finally write the check to pay my parents back for the CPA classes and registration that they paid for
  • Vacuum my room
  • Finish half of the homework for Lecture 1 for the part of the CPA I’m studying for (perhaps not so attainable)
Going to happy hour with some people from work in a few minutes, as a last hurrah for the summer. Starting next week, it’s back to suits and ties for gents, and whatever qualifies as business dress for the ladies.
I’ve already brought most of the ties I intend to wear to the office, and they’re in my drawer; I’ll wear the tie when I get here. After all, I typically go to the gym in the morning, and how many people walk into the building wearing their gym clothes? Also, that way I’ll never forget my tie. And if I find that the tie I chose earlier is not to my liking, easy remedy.
Now to remember how to tie that backwards tie from the Matrix….
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