daily goals

Starting today, I want to make and meet at least one goal in my personal life each day. Might be a small thing, but just something to achieve each day.

Why? There’s too many things that I’ve left undone or partly done, and this will give me a manageable plan of action for tackling these tasks, which include cleaning my room, re-stringing my guitar, and planning trips I intend to take in the near future. By taking a few small things each day, it should be manageable yet effective.
Tasks for today:
  • Shine my brown shoes (maybe while watching Leverage)
  • Pay my credit card bill(s)
  • File away old credit card bills, pay stubs, bank statements, etc.
There. That’s pretty manageable. Before next week, I want to re-string my guitar, plan out my trip to State College, and gather some clothes to get tailored.
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