punch ball kick ball

It’s been a while. More than a week. At least I haven’t completely abandoned the blog.

Some time ago, I made a Facebook status update about Punch Ball Kick Ball, and since it seems no one really knows what it is, I’ve taken it upon myself to provide a description of this great game.
The game of Punch Ball Kick Ball (to be referred to as P&K ball from now on) is an unfailingly amazing variation of kickball. As you hopefully know, kickball is essentially baseball with a bigger ball and no bat. P&K ball is nothing like baseball. It’s just awesome.
First off, the reason it’s called Punch Ball Kick Ball is because when a player is up, he/she can elect to hold up his/her hand to ask the pitcher to bounce the ball rather than roll it, so it can be punched rather than kicked. The main advantage is that you can punch it directly down, so you don’t get out because someone caught it. But kicking has a big advantage too for the more athletic types.
P&K ball can only be played indoors (in a large gymnasium) for its full effect. If the player kicks or punches the ball behind the basketball hoop, it’s a “field goal” worth 5 runs. Getting the ball in the basket earns the team 10 runs.
One thing that makes P&K ball so much fun is the way the bases work. Unlike baseball and kickball, in which only one person can be on a base at a time, there is no forcing in P&K ball – as long as there’s room on the base (typically pretty big, like a mat), anyone on it is safe. Also, stealing bases is allowed at any time (to even the odds a bit, the defending team can peg runners dodgeball style).
The bases themselves are also a lot of fun. They’re not just places to stand. A lot of them are various gym-type obstacles that runners have to climb and jump off to proceed. And after arriving at “home,” the runner may elect to either stop there and get back in line to kick/punch, or keep running – back to first base and around again. So unless the player gets tagged or pegged out, he/she can keep running until the inning is over.
Innings are also longer, or feel longer, because each team gets about 10 outs before they have to switch sides. They still go pretty fast since the defending team can peg runners at any time, but ending scores are usually pretty high.
I think that’s about it. Great game. Played it in middle school – Fords Middle School. I miss it a lot and wish I could play again. Unlimited running, obstacle course bases… what more could you want?
Also a great way for the gym teachers to keep the kids active and engaged, I’m sure.
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