google voice

I just got Google Voice! My number is 732-698-8636. If you already have my cell, go ahead and stick with that, but this is the number I’m giving out from now on.

Now, a brief diatribe on why this makes my life just a little bit more awesome than it was before.

When you call the number above, it will ring all the phones that I have linked it to, based on a schedule that I’ve set (e.g., don’t ring at home while I’m at work). If you’re an unknown caller, it’ll ask you who you are, and then tell me who you are before asking if I want to connect. I can also send & receive SMS texts through that number.

I think my favorite part about it so far is voice mail. It provides its own voice mail, and I can access it from any phone or online. Online, it transcribes voice messages into text, so I can read my voice mail. It’s like a step up from the iPhone’s visual voice mail. Also, it alerts me via e-mail and text whenever I have new voice mail.

So far so good. I don’t know all that much about it yet. I’m sure as I continue using it, I’ll learn more.

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