still in shock

It’s been two days since MJ died, but I’m still pretty down about it. I’ve been listening to a lot of songs I hadn’t heard before, and I’m ordering some of his greatest hits albums. They’re probably available for download, but I’m going for the CD. Probably will rip the songs into the computer, but I want to have a tangible reminder.

All yesterday, I just played Michael Jackson on the computer the whole time, and didn’t even want to get up to get my print-outs. Everything I did yesterday just seemed so different. I’m not trying to be melodramatic, but from working out in the morning to doing my work in the office to the drive home, it just felt different. I guess I always thought of him as being larger than life, but forgot that even he can’t live forever.

I truly pray and hope that he was reconciled with God before he passed, but I’ll never know till I get to the other side. God, please have mercy on his soul. He went through so much and had a very difficult life, despite his enormous success. We could always tell that things weren’t quite right in his personal life, even barring the child abuse allegations (btw, the guy who brought the first set of allegations was a jerk – wiki it; and the second set, he was declared not guilty on all counts). Guess it goes to show that you can have it all and still have nothing.

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