a legend has died

I had just gotten out of the gym, got in the car, and was pleasantly surprised to hear “Beat It” playing. After the song had finished, I heard the beginning of another Michael Jackson song, which was weird since stations very seldom play two songs from one artist back-to-back. Changing stations, I realized that a number of stations were all playing MJ songs.

It wasn’t till a few minutes later that, between songs, I heard the news and was completely taken aback. I spent the rest of the drive home in a pretty somber mood.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Michael Jackson really until maybe late high school/into college years. I’d heard of him, but by the time I was growing up and listening to music, his prime time had passed. But once I started listening to some of his music and (especially) watching some of his music videos, I loved everything about him. The beats, the melodies, the catchiness, and most of all the amazing dance moves.

Michael Jackson was truly one of a kind, in my opinion. No one else, alive or dead, has achieved what he achieved. He called himself the king of pop, and he really was. Even if his personal life was a mess (whose isn’t in show biz?), no one can deny that his professional record was untouchable. People still admire his work, and some of those up-and-coming in the music industry still look to him as a model and try to emulate him. I don’t think anyone in the music scene has matched his success, though. No one’s been quite so pervasive.

His personal life certainly was a mess, though. As far as the child molestations go, I don’t know what to believe. People say different things, and with stuff like that, I think people will just believe what they want to believe. But certainly all the plastic surgery, turning his skin white (though I don’t know how much of that was surgery and how much was his sickness), and his generally erratic behavior gave him that image of being eccentric/weird. His life was pretty tough, though. Never had a real childhood, since he was on the stage from a very early age. Lived practically his whole life in the spotlight. And the media just tended to magnify and/or exaggerate everything in regard to him. Not to mention all the lawsuits that were filed against him, some perhaps with merit, but others being pretty damned ridiculous. Apparently he got sued by a Billie Jean Jackson in connection with his song some years ago. And all the rumors that went around about him while he was under the radar. While he certainly made a mark on the world, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

Anyway, the world lost a great entertainer today. I’ll never forget him, and I know he’ll go down as one of the most famous people in history. Extremely talented man he was, and I don’t think we’ll see another of his caliber for a while.

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