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Reminded again I have to work on being less awkward in some social situations. Gotta work on knowing when a topic or a joke’s become old, and knowing to stop revisiting it after that point. Getting there. Catching myself, and noting for next time.

Watched some of the Cleaner, first season. Looks pretty good. Maybe not my favorite show, but not bad. I’m pretty psyched for the return of Leverage.

I really have to get studying harder. After watching some of the Cleaner, I just fell asleep. Tomorrow hopefully get some studying in. I do want to get the exam over with, but I’m also so sick of looking at the material. Doesn’t help that I don’t have a good reason for pursuing the CPA. I’ll probably put it on my resume, but other than that I don’t really plan to associate those three letters with my name. Oh well – next thing to do. Gotta stop complaining and just suck it up.

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