missed a few days

Pretty fun weekend. Saw the Hangover with some friends from the MBA program on Friday, then chilled at Antoine’s house. Neel actually came out this time to chill. I think our normal wolf pack (Mike, Billy, and myself) may have increased by two, now that Antoine’s back and Neel is willing to come hang out, albeit 2-3 hours later than scheduled. I was on the phone with him and he said he was on his way to come watch with us, but long story short, he showed up just as the movie ended. I was amused, but really not surprised.

Chilled at Antoine’s after the movie, looked at some of his pictures, caught up a bit, talked about how much we all absolutely love the profession we chose, and took a quick tour around his recently renovated home. I ended up sleeping over his place again and rather enjoying his FiOS TV.

Saturday, didn’t do a whole lot for the day. Made bread pudding, played some Folklore, probably did some other stuff, then went to church and off to the city for Joey’s welcome back party. It was at Empire Hotel, a pretty sweet spot. He pulled a Neel, though. Supposed to start at 10, we got there a bit after 9, but he didn’t arrive till almost midnight. Good seeing him, though. Stuck around another hour or so, then headed home. I was hoping to go to Rich & Elizabeth Ann’s website launch party, but by the time I was done with the bread pudding and all, it wouldn’t have made sense for me to go.

Today, was supposed to go help out at the nursery, but overslept even though I set my alarm. Did some cooking – eggs for brunch, linguine and paella for dinner. Tried to fix the storm door, but we may have to get another set of knobs. Washed two of our cars, but it rained right after. Also rotated the tires on the car I’ve been driving to work.

We’ve been watching The Next Food Network Star, and it’s been pretty interesting. I know who I want to win, but he does have some competition. Not a lot, but some. What I hope doesn’t happen is that they end up choosing someone who’d be good as a Food Network star, but whose show I wouldn’t really want to watch. There are a few people in the running who might do a pretty good job as a personality for a show, but a show that the Food Network already has, and that I have little interest in watching. The guy I’d like to see take it would be a nice taste of something different.

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