Very late, but should get something in.

Saw great-uncle who lives in California – Uncle Eddie. Went to Uncle Eric’s house to see him, had dinner and spent some time there. Fell asleep there too. Good times there.

I had a ridiculous amount of eggs today. Tomorrow’s definitely an egg white breakfast. I had a hard-boiled egg for breakfast, Egg Foo Young for lunch (I know, shameful dish for any self-respecting Chinese man to eat, but it’s tasty!), and a tea egg at dinner. Lunch may have been a bit too much too, because my stomach was bothering me at the gym. One more set of squats and I might have hurled.

Haven’t really been keeping up with the Art of Manliness tasks, though I’ve been reading them. Some of them I really have to get around to doing, like updating my resume (cause you never know) and creating my budget (again, you never know). Today’s was interesting – coming up with your non-negotiable, unalterable terms (N.U.T.s). Gotta get on that one too. Good thing to think about – things that I refuse to compromise on in life. Gonna need to spend some time on that one.

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