Now I’m writing to avoid studying CPA. I don’t know what to write, but I’d rather write nonsense than study. I’m so bad at studying. I get bored so easily, and I find myself welcoming and even looking for distractions. Thank God I didn’t go to med school. I’d be dying there.

But even though I hate studying, I really miss college. Undergrad, mostly, but even my time pursuing the MBA at Newark is nostalgic to me. In fact, I feel like listing some of the things I miss about college, separated into undergrad (New Brunswick) and MBA (Newark).

Undergrad at Rutgers New Brunswick:

Dining hall

  • Going with people
  • Meeting people there
  • Staying until the last group of people was ready to leave
  • Walking back
  • And yep, even the food

Brett Hall (College Ave)

  • Talking to friends at their rooms
  • Sleeping on the top bunk
  • Getting to classes on other campuses on time
  • Getting to classes on College Ave late
  • Being in a good location to go anywhere
  • That time people were singing in the showers
  • Seeing different antics going on in the hallways

Suites (Busch)

  • Watching and/or playing video games in the lounge
  • Watching TV in the lounge
  • Visiting and talking to people
  • Watching movies with people
  • That time that guy walked in by accident
  • That time Jen lost a bet
  • Long talks in the laundry room
  • If you call a roommate a roomie, what do you call a suitemate?
  • Chinese take-out for study sessions in the main lounge
  • That time Danny got hooked on Prison Break and wouldn’t leave the building during finals
  • Last-minute studying for orgo exams, and the lazy stupor after orgo exams

In general

  • Working at the computer lab and making friends in the process
  • Getting involved with student orgs and making friends there
  • TASA Night Market
  • CCF in general
  • Campus Crusade retreats and staff
  • Riding a scooter around campus
  • The feeling of liberation after orgo lab was over
  • Going to Applebee’s or Fountainbleau after hours
  • Random night outings
  • Crashing at my friends’ suite for an entire year (thanks again guys)
  • Housing two friends during a summer

MBA at Newark:

  • Hanging out in the classroom between classes or after class and kinda misusing Rutgers bandwidth (movies, Youtube, etc.)
  • Watching a movie the night before the Marketing Exam (Wanted and Space Chimps ftw)
  • Misquotations of certain classmates that cast doubt upon their masculinity
  • Beating the game
  • Bill’s great egg sandwiches, especially the Western Omelette
  • Studying into the late hours of the night at the law library
  • That time RUPD thought our classmates were homeless people before the Intermediate exam
  • Sleeping on the train ride to Newark
  • Taking the train back with friends
  • Chaotic but enjoyable trips to New York with Antoine, including the time we got bailed out by Neel
  • Late dinners at Al’s, usually after a cheap movie
  • Double-feature of Hellboy and the Dark Knight… and being among the first to get into the latter
  • $1 hot dogs, $6 movies
  • Building fires at Mike’s house
  • BBQs at Antoine’s house, especially the last one that was at like 3am
  • Sleeping over at Antoine’s, Mike’s, and Neel’s (thanks again, guys)
  • Certain classmate always being late
  • Another classmate always making things interesting
  • That time a certain classmate was in… intense discussion with a professor, while we were right there
  • Secret signals telling Eunice to leave already instead of sticking around to help
  • My New Haircut
  • Wrap it up Box
  • Fridays off
  • Lots of optimism for the future
  • Looking forward to, instead of back at graduation
  • Slipping out of class to grab free food from the Esterly Lounge
  • Certain classmate getting woken up by a cop while sleeping in her car
  • Seeing the Letterman show, hitting up a bar, and then grabbing some chicken & rice
  • Other random outings and good times together
  • Spaghetti night at Soled’s place, and Morristown afterward
  • Trying the Mentos and seltzer experiment the night before graduation, and getting caught by the cops

I’m sure there’s a lot more, but it’s been fun reminiscing. Sometimes I wish things like this could last longer. Maybe not forever, but longer. Now and then I’ll get a taste of what life was like back then, whether from visiting a friend at college or hanging out with the old crew, and I miss that lifestyle so much.

It’s true what people say about their college years. I don’t for a second regret not studying more (but I’m not advocating not studying, to be clear), but I would totally regret not getting to know people as much as I could have. I’ve forgotten about all the grades I was so proud of at the time, but I won’t forget about that time we got into a mess and a friend came and bailed us out. I don’t remember much about graduation, but I remember all the times spent with friends doing random stuff. As far as what I learned academically, I remember enough to do what I need to do, but I remember inside jokes, funny occurrences, and other stupid stuff much more vividly. Basically, I don’t remember much regarding the “important” stuff, i.e., the stuff you go to college for, but what sticks with me is the memories of spending time with people and getting to know them.

So yeah, I really miss college. If you’re still in college, make the most of the time you have left. Think about what you’re saying if/when you say you can’t wait to graduate. You have the rest of your life to not be in college. Enjoy it while you can. Depends on your experience, I suppose, but I would be very surprised if after graduation you don’t miss the ride.

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