almost missed

Would’ve been pretty bad to screw up this journal habit on only the second day. Especially considering I haven’t followed through on all of the tasks I’ve been assigned.

The stuff I’m working on at work is pretty confusing. I’ve asked many people for help with it, but it seems no one who’s still there really has done it before or can really provide much assistance, so I’ve kind of been reinventing the wheel. My cube still has a lot of boxes of old files in it, because I need them to look at information from prior years. Still have trouble getting in there.

Finally took care of two items of personal business today that I’d been putting off for some time. Mailed materials to Health Advocate to get their help with an insurance claim, and talked to Becker about my software failing. Also got my NTS the other day for REG, so I can schedule that soon. I’d originally planned on taking it in July, but I might defer to August… or at least late July. That would mean I’d be taking BEC in October most likely. Or try to cram it in a month or so and take it late August. At least BEC should be pretty straightforward. REG’s kind of annoying.

I’m going to start eating healthier. More protein, more small meals rather than three big ones, more fruits & veggies, and much less processed food. I’ll probably have to pass on birthday goodies most of the time. And if I’m in the office for my birthday, in addition to the customary bagels I’ll bring in fruit or something. Though my breakfast of choice would be eggs, I think it’d be weird to bring in eggs for one’s birthday.

Tomorrow morning’s loaded with training. At least I won’t have to look at reconciliations till after lunch. And then Rutgers alumni event. And then rush home to cook kaldereta for Friday’s international food day. Big day. Time to rest.

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