let’s try this

I’m trying to follow this thing on a website I subscribe to on Google Reader called 30 Days to a Better Man, and one of the days’ tasks is to start a journal and write in it every day. I’ve written here before, but you could hardly even call it occasional. From now on, I’m gonna try to write every day, even if it’s just one line (which if you’ve read any kind of blog or e-mail I’ve ever written, is kind of unlikely).

For the record (and those who don’t know), I’m currently working in the Accounting Department at Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. I’m in a rotation program wherein I spend a few months in a couple different sections of said department, and after a year, I can choose from the open positions. I’ve finished college, both undergrad and masters (MBA from Rutgers Newark), and my life is mostly work and studying for the CPA.

Currently living at home, which is still pretty good. It’s nice not having to pay for a lot of stuff that I’d have to pay for if I moved out. Still, I sometimes think it might be nice to try to make it on my own.

My situation is pretty sweet, but let me tell you, I really do not like the CPA. It’s one of the most annoying exams out there, and it’s on some of the most boring subject matter known to man. Sometimes I forget why I’m doing it, but I’ve passed two out of four parts, so I figure might as well, n’est-ce pas? Can’t wait till this junk is over. Maybe I’ll enjoy life a little more then.

Oh, and my mom won’t stop bothering me about studying. It’s like I’m still in high school. I love my mom, but I wish she would give it a rest. I’m two and two, and it ain’t because of her nagging. It’s because God’s looking out for me. Yes, I’m attributing it to God. Why? Cause I can’t study for beans. I’m easily distracted, and I usually welcome distractions. There’s no way I could’ve done half as well as I have if God wasn’t involved.

Other than CPA, life ain’t bad. I run before work every day, and lift most days after work. I don’t run or lift enough to spit out stats without embarassing myself, though, so I’ll leave it at that. I’d like to get into some more natural types of exercise, though, such as what’s known as MovNat (Movement Naturelle), which was recently featured in Men’s Health.

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