a day in the life

My blog posts are always so long, so I’m gonna try to change that now. I’ll also try to be a little more grown-up. I guess.

Throughout this program, we’ve had free food a bunch of times. Now the new class’s turn has come, but some of us in class have decided that we haven’t yet had enough.

It started one charming day during accounting class, when my friend (who shall remain anonymous) alerted me to the presence of recruitment leftovers in the Esterly Lounge. I was there in no time, and I believe that began our tradition.

Since then, we’ve been taking breaks during class to scope out the lounge when they have recruitment lunches, and swoop in once they leave. Matter of fact, Michele, the AA who handles most of the logistics of these events, has come to expect us to stop by, and is amused when we do.

Today they had a relatively (compared to our pizza & sandwich events) extravagant goodbye party in the lounge, and wow did they have the goods. I saw San Pellegrino, skewers, bunch of desserts… too bad it was all gone by the time we got a chance to give the leftovers a review.

Totally ethical, but admittedly, not very dignified. It’s a different story if you happen to be there and people leave food. We run entire operations, complete with reconnaissance and leaving in a staggered fashion to deter suspicion. But hey, it’s food and it’s free (and free food happens to be my favorite food). Dignity is overrated.

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